We can create beautiful things. Yes, yes, exactly do we.
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About us
WoodGood is engaged in the production of
wooden slats and decorative panels for interior
and exterior design, as well as creates decor
elements and furniture for those who appreciate
the present life. We want you to devote more time
to important things.

It is very important for us that our products rejoice
for a long time and serve you reliably. Therefore,
we have done our best to ensure that the choice
and purchase of the best products made from
high-quality wood became surprisingly simple and
pleasant for each customer.
The multi-level complex technological process, which represents WoodGood production, is significantly different from the work of cabinetmakers of past centuries. Despite the fact that the best professional traditions of craftsmen are carefully preserved, the manufacturing process has been radically transformed and modernized. Many production processes are performed manually as before, but a number of operations are performed on the high-precision German equipment.

The application of new technical achievements in the manufacture of wooden products significantly shortens the order lead time and ensures impeccable quality. Special modern technologies of wood processing exclude the appearance of deformation changes arising from excess or too low level of moisture in the room. In order to increase the service life, wood is treated with specific protective compounds and septic tanks, which eliminate the possibility of premature destruction and "aging" of natural organic matter.
Our products
No compromises with quality
Wooden slats
Wooden racks in the interior - this is one of the
most fashionable and demanded solutions which
will make your interior unique, fashionable and
beautiful. This is also a simple and an
environmentally friendly solution for your
apartments. Wooden panels cannot be used
only in the interior, but also in the exterior, in the
decoration of facades, summer houses and
The material from which the furniture is made is a
high quality wood - ash.
Coating - oil or varnish.
Wooden window sills and countertops
The wooden window sill, in comparison with
plastic (PVC products), is an ecological and safe
product. According to its properties, wooden
window sills are in no way inferior to plastic, even
in strength. The windowsills, made of ash, have
the highest quality.
Wooden steps
Wooden partitions
Wall 3D wood panels
Wall 3D ash panel from the Ukrainian producer,
WoodGood company, is a stylish and
environmentally friendly decorative solution for
any interior.
Be inspired!

Wood from WoodGood in the interior design, wood in the decoration and design of the house is beautiful, natural, environmentally friendly.
And the main feature of WoodGood - we offer the lowest prices throughout the territory of Ukraine and CIS countries.

All products are made from own solid wood of the Carpathian forests. Only safe materials are used in processing.

Material: Ash
Coating: oil / varnish

Why choose us?
Every day we make every effort to make our
customers' lives better and happier
We offer the lowest price for our products from high-quality wood.
Own production facilities
We have own forest and own production facilities, which gives us the priority right to regulate the price in the Ukrainian market.
We use the best and safest raw materials in the wood processing.
Raw materials
Our products are suitable for use in children's rooms and people with allergic reactions.
2 years warranty period
Test samples
We offer free samples for our customers.
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